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Online Gallery FAQs

Can I manage my own gallery?

Yes! Every member has their own user-friendly personal control panel which allows them to manage their profile, upload images to their gallery, enter compeitions and more.


Can I sell my artwork and prints through Premier Gallery?

Yes! The eShop package allows members to sell their artwork and prints using the ecommerce system provided by Premier Gallery.


Do I need any technical knowledge to create my online gallery and online shop?

No! Your personal control panel for managing your gallery and account is very user-friendly and intuitive and we're always available to offer assistance if needed.


Does Premier Gallery charge commission on sale of artwork or prints?

No! Premier Gallery takes no commission on sale of artwork or prints. We just take a single annual subscription charge for our service allowing you to showcase, promote and sell your artwork or prints.


How is dispatch of artwork and prints managed?

Sellers are notified when a sale is made so they may dispatch the artwork or print to the buyer.


How many images may I upload to my gallery?

Standard membership allows 2.5 MB gallery file space (typically 25 images), Premium membership allows 5.0 MB (typically 50 images), Platinum membership allows 10.0 MB (typically 100 images) and eShop membership allows 15.0 MB (typically 150 images). Images are optimized for the wesbsite by our image management system after they are uploaded.


What image types may I upload to my gallery?

We support the popular image types JPG, PNG and GIF.


How do I subscribe for my personal gallery?

Just register here and follow a few simple steps to subscribe and you can begin setting up your gallery within minutes.


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